The right nuts and bolts for you: We provide tailor-made claims management solutions for your construction project.

We provide claims management, litigation support and scheduling services as well as construction operations analysis for all major construction projects, e.g. the construction of a power plant, a railway station, an Olympic stadium, an underground train line or a whole new quarter, complete with tower blocks. 

Large-scale projects in plant engineering and construction are demanding jobs, and often come with low profit margins, tight deadlines and high risks. The outcome of many of these grand projects is easily compromised by disruptions in construction procedures, loss of productivity, deadline delays and extra costs; the causes are not always clear-cut. In such conflict-prone circumstances, developing an efficient strategy, preparing evidence and presenting claims may become very complicated tasks indeed.

In order to develop effective measures, the situation at hand must be assessed swiftly and accurately. A dependable identification of the causes, of the impact on technologies, schedule and costs is the basis of any legal evaluation and an absolute requirement for a successful conduct of negotiations in any dispute or litigation. Such procedure helps you avoid or resolve conflicts so your project can continue untroubled and without any loss of profitability. 

That’s what we are here for. Developing tailor-made solutions and presenting the facts in a compelling fashion, we strengthen your position in dispute or litigation and safeguard the outcome of your project.