We provide scheduling and deadline management. We control performance, prepare construction progress documentation, evaluate delay events and forecast project progress by means of the critical path method.

Always being able to keep track of the construction progress on set dates and of growing construction progress documentation are not the only benefits of construction deadline management. Taking into account the construction progress, it is possible to issue reliable schedule forecasts, to predict consequences of delay and disruption early on, and to plan and negotiate measures to speed up processes.

In this respect we can do the following:

  • Contract analysis and interpretation of the technical details of a contract
  • Designing object oriented and work breakdown project structures
  • Assessment of existing schedules
  • Quality control of existing schedules, including predecessor-successor relationships
  • Compiling of new schedules
  • Project performance control and project performance evaluation
  • Calculation of deadlines and other scheduling services, and forecasts with precedence diagram and critical path methods
  • Reconciliation of all project-related correspondence
  • Drafting of correspondence
  • Schedule reviews
  • Documentation of impairments
  • Deadline control reports and recommendations for action

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